UN Women in South Asia

Food Crisis and Gender Inequality

This paper will spell out: (i) the nature of the current food crisis and what we may expect with climate change; (ii) the importance of women as food producers, the endemic production constraints faced by women farmers, and the significant potential for increasing agricultural production globally, by helping women overcome these constraints; (iii) Women as consumers and home food managers, and gender unequal access to food.


This paper examines the current food crises, the projected effect of climate change, the vulnerabilities created by regional concentrations of food production, imports and exports, and the significant role of women as food producers, consumers and family food managers. Bridging productivity differentials between male and female farmers, by helping women overcome production constraints, would significantly increase agricultural output. This becomes an imperative, given the feminization of agriculture. Institutionally, a group approach to farming would help women and other small holders enhance their access to land and inputs, benefit from economies of scale, and increase their bargaining power economically and socially.

   Credit : United Nations
   Language : English
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   Keywords : Food Crisis, Food Security, Wopmen Farmers, Gender Inequality



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